• Water Bank Moisture Cream

Water Bank Moisture Cream

Water Bank Moisture Cream

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This is a traditional kind of moisture cream and this is a creamy white paste that can be applied to the affected area and you will get the positive result within a week. It has a water lock ingredient which effectively improves skin sagging, lacks elasticity, fine lines and helps to relieve dry and damaged skin. Use 2 to 3 times daily for immediate effect and after that, it is enough for one time in a day. It helps in removing stubborn itch without recurrence and restoring normal skin colour quickly.

Additional Information:

The precious and powerful antioxidant ingredient fullerene with Squalene and Glasswort extracts supports the natural barrier of the skin to keep it from drying out and losing moisture in the future. It is suitable for all kinds of dermatitis, skin allergy, skin infection, skin chapping, etc. it keeps the skin soft, fight against harmful bacteria, repair the skin and protect the skin. It features hydration, nourishment releases moisture essence and gives the skin a fresh radiance from the inside out. The main contents are Hydro Ionized mineral water, Biogen technology, Squalene, Glasswort extracts, Quinoa extracts with rich vitamins to help nourish and keep it from damage and dryness.


  • Repairs the skin’s stratum corneum
  • Revitalize the skin
  • Hydrates, locks in moisture
  • Replenish water for skin

How to use:

  • Get an adequate amount and gently spread it on the entire face using outward strokes.
  • Cover the face with both palms to help stimulate better absorption through the skin.
Net Weight 50ml

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