• Perfect Renew Skin Refiner

Perfect Renew Skin Refiner

Perfect Renew Skin Refiner

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A freshness boost for your skin that gently cleanses and exfoliates at the same time. This fresh, multi-action solution is lightly infused with soft exfoliating Tomato Extract. Effectively removes impurities and desquamation without drying, leaving the skin smooth, refined and comfortable. The skin looks healthy, fresh and bright. Skin refiners are a kind of pre-base that you can use between your daily treatment (after the serum and moisturizer) and before applying the foundation. They do not usually have colour although some are starting to incorporate and essentially serve to close the pores and get the desired effect 'blur'. Matificar but leave a natural shine, light and almost imperceptible, but healthy. It manages that, without having applied the makeup base, the skin looks prettier and sometimes, for a daily look, and you do not need anything else. Our exclusive new generation technology that calms, comforts and clarifies your skin, reducing the irritation that can accelerate the appearance of ageing. It combines botanical and mineral ingredients that your skin will love, with our experience in skin care. Leave the skin as a blank canvas ready to paint. But not only is this your great benefit. Pore refiners have become a 'must' for beauty because they also include many more ingredients that make them authentic off-roaders. Moisturizing, refreshing, anti-ageing etc. We have made a selection of the best 

How to use:

  • In the morning and at night, foam and massage gently on moist skin. Rinse Avoid the eye area.
Ingredients Lycopene (tomato)
Net Weight 120ml

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