• Floria Whitening Cream

Floria Whitening Cream

Floria Whitening Cream

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Get blooming and radiant looking skin with Tony Moly Floria Whitening Cream!!!

Infused with mind-blowing natural ingredients, this whitening cream offers you exceptional results that range from fighting free radicals to skin brightening effects.

For starters, Lotus extract is one of the key ingredients of this cream. It contains antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, flavonoids, and minerals that deliver a standout performance. Together, they purify the skin by reaching out to the skin pores and getting rid of any dead skin cells, dirt, grime, etc. It also soothes any painful acne and cools the skin. An excellent moisturizer, it keeps the skin soft and supple by retaining the moisture. The proteins also help in firming and tightening the skin thus reducing the ageing appearance.

Pearl powder is another ingredient that gently exfoliates and rejuvenates the skin. The components of pearl stimulate collagen production that is crucial for optimal skin health. Pearl also helps in reducing large pores, shrinking and giving a clean, clear look. It also helps in clearing off blemishes and acne scars while brightening the skin tone naturally.

Other ingredients of this cream are Vitamin C and Glacier water that fights ultraviolet rays of the sun. Glacier water is full of minerals that maintain skin hydration while cooling any skin inflammation.

Suitable for normal skin types, this whitening cream is a must-try for anyone who is looking for an all-in-one skincare product.

How to use Floria Whitening Cream?

Use it in the morning as part of skin protection or at night for the rejuvenation process.

Important Instructions:

1. Stop using the product if you have the following symptoms:

  •  Red blotch
  •  Skin irritation
  •  Stimulation

If you keep using it, symptoms may get worse; therefore, consult with dermatologist.  

2. Avoid using on spots with injury, eczema, or dermatitis  

3. Instructions for storage and handling:

  • Always close the cap properly after use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not store in a place with high and low temperature.
  • No direct sunlight to the products
  • If product contacts with eyes, rinse with running water immediately
Ingredients Lotus extract, Pearl powder, Vitamin C, Glacier water
Net Weight 60ml

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