• Aquaporin Water Volume Eye Gel

Aquaporin Water Volume Eye Gel

Aquaporin Water Volume Eye Gel

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Dealing with puffy eyes, dark circles and droopy eyelids? We give you Aquaporin Water Volume Eye Gel by one of the biggest skincare brands of Korea – Tony Moly.

Loaded with amazing ingredients, this Eye Gel addresses fine lines, wrinkles (crow’s feet) around the eyes and smoothens the area. It not only hydrates the skin around the eyes but also restores the elasticity and firmness. This will reduce the visibility of fine lines and make the skin appear smoother and clear. The gel also works in reducing the dark circles by peeling off the layer of dull skin and giving you a clean and even skin tone.

An intense moisturizer, it retains hydra in the skin for a long period thus preventing loss of moisture. The ingredients are safe keeping in mind the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes.

The eye gel has a watery milky texture that immediately penetrates into the skin and starts working promptly.

The eye gel comes in a round tub that will give you a good run of 3-4 months. This eye gel has received excellent responses from users with many claiming that the product lasts for more than eight hours.

Available at a great price, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t own this Eye Gel. So go ahead and order it right away!!! Avail of discount coupon codes to SAVE MORE!!!

How to use this Water Volume Eye Gel?

  • Take a small amount and apply around the eye area where you notice dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Use it regularly to notice visible results.

Important Instructions:

1. Stop using the product if you have the following symptoms:

  •  Red blotch
  •  Skin irritation
  •  Stimulation

If you keep using it, symptoms may get worse; therefore, consult with dermatologist. 

2. Avoid using on spots with injury, eczema, or dermatitis 

3. Instructions for storage and handling:

  • Always close the cap properly after use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not store in a place with high and low temperature.
  • No direct sunlight to the products
  • If product contacts with eyes, rinse with running water immediately
Ingredients Plankton, minerals White Willow Water, Spirulina, Chlorella
Net Weight 25ml

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